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What Can I Do With My Busy Tag?

Busy Tag - what can I do with it?

As we dive in deeper and go further in exploring this fantastic device, it is crucial to understand the countless opportunities you can do with it - experiment, create, personalize the visual content for your personal or professional expression! As you already might know - Busy Tag is a versatile device that can be used in a variety of creative ways to communicate your personality and social status, mood, availability, intentions, and work process to friends, family, colleagues and clients. Here are some ideas for using Busy Tag to express yourself creatively using:


LED lights for social status:

Use different colors to indicate your mood or availability level. For example, green could mean "available" or feeling "energetic", yellow could mean "on a break" or feeling "happy" and red could mean "do not disturb" or that you are "passionate about something", color purple can represent that you are feeling "creative" or working on an important project. Blue color can signal others that you are feeling "blue" or represent a successful event, pink can represent calmness and feeling "grateful" for something.

Other colors can match your mood or work process the way you customize them. Use flashing lights or patterns to signal when you are in a meeting or presentation. Use animated lights to create a more engaging and dynamic way to communicate your status. Easily switch between modes as you like, make life, work, social interaction and general experience more fun and interactive with Busy Tag.


Let colors work for you:

Use color as a tool  to indicate your progress on a task, project or assignment. For example, blue color could mean "the beginning of a new project," yellow could mean "in progress," and red could mean "need assistance" and green color can represent that project is "completed". You have the freedom to experiment and create your own rules, color codes and messages that work for you. Color-coding is such a fast and visible way to signal others about your progress and does not involve any complicated project management software. Use color-coded LED lights to represent different departments or teams as well as color-changing lights to create a more visually appealing and customizable experience.


Images for every occasion:

Use images to represent different tasks or projects. For example, a coffee cup could mean that you are "on a break", but a set timer or a clock image can mean that you are "working on a deadline," a checklist could mean you are "checking off tasks," and a rocket could mean that you are "reaching a goal." Images can be used as a motivational and inspirational message for you and your friends, family or coworkers. And don`t forget about the power of a funny meme.

Use images to represent different personality traits. For example, a rainbow could mean "creative" or "inclusive," a puzzle piece could mean "analytical," and a globe could mean "globally minded." Download your custom images, create them yourself then showcase them by uploading via Bluetooth - it is easy.


Emojis that reflect you:

Emoji is a universal way to convey your emotion, attitude and feelings - this is the new norm - everyone understands the message clearly when there is an emoji attached to it. Use the emojis or create them, download your favorites, put the emotion in to your Busy Tag display with a suitable emoji.

You can use emojis to represent different moods, situations or feelings. For example, a smiling face could mean "happy," a frowning face could mean "sad", "frustrated," and a neutral face could mean "focused." There are so many options to choose from, and if you can`t find one - you can download or create one of your own!


Use text messages:

It is so much more fun, when you can put your message on the Busy Tag display to tell others what you are thinking, feeling or craving, let them know that you are "Feeling Great!", "Need To Talk" or want to socialize later: "Drinks After Work?". Use text to display short messages, such as "Available for Chat" or "In a Meeting", let yourself have a rest with a friendly reminder to "Take a Break", or use a motivational quote when you feel like giving up and add a fun visual along with it. Use animated text to create a more engaging and dynamic experience for everyone.  Custom fonts, clever texts and coordinated colors will personalize your messages. Once you showcase the magic of communication with Busy Tag - we can guarantee that others will want one too.


By using a combination of lights, colors, images, and text messages you can create a unique and personalized Busy Tag experience that effectively communicates your mood, message, availability, intentions, and personality to others. This can help you build stronger relationships, communicate better, enhance collaboration, and achieve your goals more effectively. No one else can do it the way you do it, Busy Tag will bet your extended identity that you can customize, create, enhance showing the world your unique personality!

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