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  • Where can I place my Busy Tag?
    You can place Busy Tag on your computer using the double-sided magnet included in the package. You can take Busy Tag anywhere with you and place it wherever you like as long as it is connected to the power source.
  • What is Busy Tag?
    Busy Tag is a high resolution color display with a built-in busylight function and LED lining that helps you express yourself and communicate using lights, text messages, images, GIFs and other visuals. Busy Tag lets you manage distractions and improve your focus whether at home or in the workplace. It is a compact small-scale device that attaches to your laptop or desktop and displays your mood, message, status or availability in a colourful, fun and unique visual manner. Busy Tag is a versatile and innovative smart device that can help you improve your communication, social interaction, productivity and collaboration in the workplace. It is a great tool for anyone who wants to be more creative, noticed, efficient, organized, and connected in their personal and professional life.
  • What are the Busy Tag dimensions?
    It is a small, but mighty device regarding the remarkable functionality, the dimensions of the device: 36 x 46 x 8mm (1,42 x 1,81 x 0,31”) it weighs only 20 grams. But this multifunctional color display that is lined with LED lights will make others notice the Busy Tag from a distance and make you stand out in any setting or situation with your smart, funny, and colorful message.
  • What is included in the Busy Tag package?
    In the package, you will find USB powered Busy Tag - a high-resolution color display along with double-sided magnets. USB-C wire is not included in the original packaging, you will be able purchase a separate USB-C wire as well as other accessories, such as a custom stand for the Busy Tag, power bank, or extra magnets for additional placement options.
  • What does Busy Tag do, what are the functions? What are the unique benefits of the device?
    Busy Tag can be used to: Clearly communicate your availability: Busy Tag's color-coded display with LED lights instantly conveys your emotions, mood, message and availability to others, eliminating the need for guesswork or awkward interruptions. Others can easily see what you are up to and if you're available for a quick chat or if you need focused time to complete your tasks. Send non-verbal cues: Busy Tag's unique visual text, image and light combination allows you to send fun, creative and clear messages without needing to interrupt your work or engage in prolonged conversations. With a simple tap, you can indicate "Available for Chat," "In a Meeting", "Please Call Me Later" or "I Need a Coffee". Enhance collaboration: Busy Tag's bright and clear visual cues and non-verbal communication features contribute to a more collaborative and harmonious environment whether at home, while studying or at work. Team members can better understand each other's needs and availability, fostering efficient teamwork and project completion. Promote freedom of expression: Busy Tag can enhance your freedom of expression in the workplace by providing a simple and non-intrusive way to communicate your availability and intentions to friends, family, colleagues and clients. Be seen and heard: Busy Tag is a fun, sleek and stylish device that can help you stand out in the school, at home or at the workplace. Its unique design and bright LED lights make it impossible to miss, and it can be personalized with a variety of colors, images, and text messages to reflect your style and preferences.
  • What can be shown on the Busy Tag screen?
    You can load full color pictures or animations in .png, .gif, .jpg formats as well as some video formats or static lettering. The possibility to display other visual formats will be added in the near future as the Busy Tag project is in the development stage and is progressing rapidly.
  • How do I turn Busy Tag on and off?
    You can turn Busy Tag on or off simply by connecting or disconnecting the device from an USB-C connection with a power source (PC, power bank, USB hub).
  • What are the basic features/functions of Busy Tag?
    It is difficult to list everything just yet as the Busy Tag is a work in progress. You can freely upload .png, .gif, .jpg images or videos and display accordingly on the device screen and also set and customize color settings of the LED lights around the display to improve your message to the world.
  • Can Busy Tag work whilst disconnected from the USB-C cable?
    No, Busy Tag requires an external power source at all times.
  • Can Busy Tag only work with a power bank with pre-loaded images?
    Yes, it will also be able to function fully by showing the last loaded media.
  • What can I upload to show on Busy Tag display?
    You can easily upload any of your messages, whether they are textual (the amount of characters depends on the chosen font and scale) or visual - custom images, pictures, GIFs, icons and emojis - whatever you can come up with, the creativity has no limits with Busy Tag! With Busy Tag you can show your mood, emotions, availability status, timer, your interests, requests, work and creative thought process as well as motivate yourself and others to achieve something good today!
  • Can I use my own USB wire to connect Busy Tag?
    Yes, you are able to use, connect, charge, and load information to Busy Tag, using a standard USB-C wire. The USB connection ensures fast and easy data transfer between your laptop or desktop.
  • What Busy Tag integrations are available?
    Busy Tag API allows to create tailor-made solutions and integrations. AS the Busy Tag is a work in progress and we are working actively to make the product even more useful and attractive for the user.
  • How long does it take to ship Busy Tag?
    For information regarding the purchase and shipping - please head over to Kickstarter campaign and for additional information - please refer to terms & conditions.
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