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High resolution color screen with a built-in busy light, a powerful tool of expressing yourself every step of the way.

Busy Tag is your digital canvas! Busy Tag is a smart gadget with a color display and a built in LED lining, creating countless ways of expressing yourself.


Express Yourself: Stand out in any crowd with Busy Tag's vibrant display that lets you showcase your unique style and intentions effortlessly.


Enhance Collaboration: Whether at work, at home, at school, or in social situations, Busy Tag fosters teamwork and connection by providing a fun and interactive way to communicate with others.


Versatile Design: Small, modern and creative design, portable and easy to use, Busy Tag is the perfect companion for any setting, ensuring you can express yourself whatever you do and wherever you go.



  • Customizable color display with an LED lining and a busy light function;
  • Communicates mood, message, schedule, availability in real-time;
  • Convenient placement options (workstation, desk, monitor);
  • Helps manage communication, distractions, and workflow efficiently


About Busy Tag:

  • Dimensions: 36 x 46 x 8mm (1,42 x 1,81 x 0,31”);

  • Weight: 20g;

  • Screen: full color 1.69’’ LCD

  • Light: 7 x RGB LEDs;

  • Resolution: 240 x 280, 262K color display;

  • Consumption: Rated power up to 500 mA;

  • Power: USB - C cable - not included;

  • USB Connection for easy data transfer;

  • WIFI connection;

  • Simple to use and implement Busy Tag app;

  • Busy Tag API allows to create tailor-made solutions/integrations.

Busy Tag Global Version

Sales Tax Included
Expected to ship in June 2024
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