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Stand out with Busy Tag!

Updated: Jan 19


Busy Tag is a colorful, sleek and stylish device that can help you stand out in any place. Its minimalist design and vibrant color display along with custom LED lights make it a guaranteed conversation starter and a way to express your personality without saying a word. Here are some reasons on how Busy Tag can help you be seen in so many ways as the functionalities of this amazing gadget are almost limitless:


Attention-grabbing design: 

Busy Tag's unique design and bright LED lights make it impossible to miss. This fun device can help you capture the attention of others - friends, family, teammates and clients, making you more memorable and approachable.


Personalization options: 

Busy Tag can be personalized with a combination of colors, images, and text messages, also using fun pictures and GIFs along with LED light settings you can customize. This allows you to express your unique style, social status and preferences, making you stand out from the crowd.


Branding opportunities:

Busy Tag can greatly serve to promote your interests, hobbies, brand or company. This can be a great way to increase brand awareness and visibility in a truly unique way. Showcase your brand identity with Busy Tag, make it stand out and attract potential clients or partners.


Fashion statement: 

Busy Tag can be seen as a fun and creative fashion accessory, making you more stylish and professional adding a spark of color with a message. This amazing device will ensure you project a positive image and build trust with others.


Conversation starter: 

Busy Tag is a great conversation starter, opening up opportunities to talk to friends or strangers, colleagues, clients and family members. This can help you network and build relationships and tell stories by convey your message in visual manner.


Overall, Busy Tag is a versatile gadget that can intuitively help you be seen, heard, understood and will make you communicate much better. Its stylish design, personalization options, and branding opportunities make it a great way to express your individuality and make a positive impression on others.


Here are some additional tips for using Busy Tag to be seen:

Position Busy Tag in a visible location: Place Busy Tag on your computer or on a stand on desk so that it is easily visible to others. Bonus points, if the light settings are a bit darker in your room/office/co-working space - as the lights and the screen will illuminate more. Play with the settings and light modes to combine your picture, text message or a GIF with how you want to express your mood at the moment - be fun, be colorful, be bold, be smart, be formal, be informal, but be seen.


Customize and personalize Busy Tag with your name, brand, logo, your face, use it as a representation of your work, studies, beliefs and values. Add your name to Busy Tag's display to make it even more personal. You can even put your favorite pet on full display so others can appreciate your love of animals, or art work - whatever you feel like sharing with the world.


Incorporate Busy Tag into your branding: Use Busy Tag to promote your brand or company logo, your creative endeavors, work or study process. Choose your colors, graphics and slogan - create and convey your corporate identity on the high resolution display, make it your brand ambassador. By following these tips, you can use Busy Tag to make a lasting impression and become a more visible and approachable person and a creative professional.


Use Busy Tag's colorful display for non-verbal communication: Busy Tag's unique yet simple and easy to understand display along with with color signals and LED lights will communicate your message, mood, availability and intentions without saying a single word.



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